Joshua Sitron is a music composer / producer, multi-instrumentalist and sometimes shaman filmmaker.   He has written music for Nickelodeon, Fox, Disney, PBS, and Showtime, including the mega-hit show, Dora the Explorer for which he served as musical director and  composed the theme song and underscore.

Recently,  Josh composed the Main Title Theme and musical underscore for Jonah Hill’s animated FOX sitcom Allen Gregory.     When not composing music for film and television Josh produces bands and other artists at his studios in Brooklyn, NY and Northampton, MA.  Including Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray, Smash),  Margaret Garrett (Mr. Airplane), Mark Mulcahy (Miracle LegionThe Adventures of Pete & Pete), Duke Amayo (Antibalas, Fu Arkest-Ra), Eric Biondo (Beyondo, the Monkees), Stuart Bogie (TV on the Radio, Iron & Wine, Superhuman Happiness), along with the bands,  The Wild Yaks, Big Nils, Goat Boy, Hylo-fi,  Lazer& the Dookers,  The Expandable Brass Band, Josephine & The Mousepeople and others, some of whom he performs with at live shows.

bibdigcoverIn 2003, Josh released his first solo original CD, the deeply personal Biblical Digital, he describes as ‘the soundtrack to my spiritual awakening’. CDBaby.com made it a featured editor’s pick and wrote, “From epic, dramatic, thunderous and sweeping like a film score to intimate, visceral, well-directed plaintive lines, this electronic album encompasses a full spectrum of light and dark, of mind and emotion, simply rotating around creativity and musical voice rather than any particular genre indications.”

That same year,  he began an independent children’s project,  FunkeyMonkeys,  which aimed to impart more conscious and spiritual values than those dictated by the corporate children’s marketplace.  To date,  FunkeyMonkeys includes 5 CDs, a live band & Off-Broadway show, and several short videos. In 2002, Josh joined the accalimed improv comedy and spontaneous theater troupe, Centralia, as accompanist and musical director, which led to the 2002 Fringe Festival Musical Generica. The masters of long form improv, the Centralia group weaves 60-minute entirely made up musical theater pieces that transcend comedy.


• Composer and Producer of Music For The Following Highlights:

Dora the Explorer (NICK) Theme, Underscore, Featured Songs & Music Director Allen Gregory (FOX) Theme and Underscore
In the Mix (PBS) Underscore, Featured Songs
The Greatest Trials of All Time (COURTTV) Theme Song
The Best Sh*t on Television Promo Spots (SHOWTIME) Licensed Song
DC Cupcakes Promo Spot (TLC) Licensed Song
PB + J. Otter (DISNEYCHANNEL) Featured Songs
State of Mind (LIFETIME) Featured Songs
The Secret World Of Alex Mack (NICK) Featured Song
On Air Promos 1997-2000 (NICK) Underscore, Featured Songs
On Air Promos 1998-2000 (TVLand) Underscore, Featured Songs
Nick Jr. Is Just for Me – Network Theme Identity Spot (NICK)
Crime Stories (COURTTV) Theme and Underscore
24/Seven (NOGGIN) Theme Song
Margaret Garrett & Conjure Beat – EP – Producer, Performer
Lazar & The Dookers The Show – Single Producer, Performer
Amayo’s Fu Ark-est-Ra Amen Awon – Single Producer
The Girl Scouts of America: Sisters Hand in Hand Producer, Performer
Beyondo Lost in a World of Love – Single Producer, Performer
Beyondo Life – Single Producer, Performer
Beyondo Take Away The Music – Single Producer, Performer
Foster Cranz Waterhole Blues – Single Producer, Performer
hylo-fi Mastered Promos
Thought Politics for Kids
FunkeyMonkeys Mustache
Joshua Sitron Biblical Digital
Centralia Generica
Jewish FunkeyMonkeys!
Funkeymonkeys! En Español!
Fairy Dust
film scores
Strong Island Boys (feature) Walk and Balance Productions
Under the Rainbow (documentary feature) Dir. Ryan Lifchitz
Tropical Charlene (short) Dir. Kiran Ramchandran
The Older Man (short) Dir. Joe Schiappa and Kevin Scott
Kung Fluid (short) Dir. Joshua Sitron
live performance & improvisation highlights
FunkeyMonkeys (family music and improv show) director, producer, writer, performer
Centralia (spontaneous musical theater improv) performer, musical director, producer
Beyondo (band) keyboards
Pembo (long form improv) performer, Gotham City Improv
Volney Litmus (band) bass
Johnny Lunchpail (improv & sketch comedy) improvising musical accompanist
Meet The Huntleys (improv & sketch comedy) improvising musical accompanist Behind The Musical (improv) performer, improvising musical accompanist
Broadway Kids (cabaret) composer arranger, producer, composer
hylo-fi (band) keyboards, guitar
The Expandable Brass Band (band) Trumpet

CONTACT:  Joshua Sitron. 646-675-1375. sitron@earthlink.net.

TV / Film Representation:
Incite Management Inc.
CONTACT: Rochelle Sharpe
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Suite 188
Studio City, CA 91604